Git Cheat Sheet For Dummies

Basic Git Commands

git status               //Shows status of working branch. Such as      
//staged/unstaged changes and new,
//Untracked file.
git ls-files //List all files in remote Dirgit logs //List details of recent commits git diff //Compare changes of local with remote

Set Up Git Project On Local System

#Create current working directory on local system as git project folder and fetch files from remote repository.git init
git remote add [remote_name] [your_project_http_address]
git fetch
git checkout [branch_name]

#Load a copy of project to current directory on local system from remote repository.git clone [your_project_http_address]

Working With Git Branches

git checkout -b [branch_name]    //Create new branchgit checkout [branch_name]       //Switch between branchgit branch -v                    //List all local branchgit branch -r                    //List all remote branchgit branch --all                 //List all branch (local+remote)git branch -d [branch_name]      //Delete local branchgit push origin :[branch_name]   //Delete remote branch

Commit & Push Changes To Git Repository

git pull                         //Fetch latest files from repogit add *                        //Stage all files with changesgit add [file1] [file2]          //Stage specific filesgit commit -m “your msg”         //Commit file to working branchgit push -u origin [branch_name] //Push commit files to repository

Revert Your Git Changes

git reset                    //Unstage all staged filesgit reset [file1] [file2]    //Unstage specific filesgit reset —-soft HEAD~1      //Undo last commit on local working
git reset —-hard HEAD~1 //Undo last commit & deletes tracked
//files from local system
git revert HEAD~1 //Undo last commit & deletes tracked
//files from local system

Merge Git Branches

git checkout [branch_name]   //Name of branch parent branch
git pull //Fetch most updated changes
git merge [branch_name] //Name of branch to be merged


#Compare files from two different branches
git diff [branch_name1] [branch_name2] ./[file_name]
#Shows graphical representation of the commit history
git log —-graph —-online —-all
#Move around and review specific commit history
git checkout [commitSHA]
#Rename remote from default "origin" to your desired choice
git remote rename [old_name] [new_name]




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